Saturday, January 24, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 07:45 RT @urbanchickens a grapefruit-sized egg? can you say "ouch!?" I hope she can still walk...
  • 11:25 Appreciative of good managers (past and present) and the insights and advice they bring and share.
  • 11:41 About to do a brown bag lunch here at work: recruiting co-workers to climb Mt Whitney with me (again) this summer.
  • 15:22 rethinking my RT habit via @femmebot: tweeters fight! "RT" vs "via". Round 2.
  • 15:59 thankful for the rain, but I've still got racing slicks on my bike and wet pavement will mean no bike+run workout in the morning
  • 19:35 loving this pear I'm eating... forgotten how delicious they can be.
  • 20:22 @ginx I like the Twitter name/link in the "bio stack" to the right of the input box. Handy functionality to get me to Twitter stats
  • 21:16 Appreciating the SCVDA board members who've done great work to get ready for our 2008 Fall Season Awards Party tomorrow. you guys rock.
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