Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 08:37 RT @peterkaminski Anchorage Daily News endorses Obama: is.gd/4QuR - it's a good read
  • 08:45 @pierre re: your rooster problem, I've got a great recipe for coq a vin
  • 09:19 enjoying the traffic into the new LinkedIn group created for folks who attended last week's Online Marketing Forum
  • 11:51 getting ready to jump into a brown bag session about Zimbra as a replacement for MS Outlook. Any advice from folks to use it/avoid it?
  • 14:03 @khopper I've just gotten into blip.fm and am enjoying the sound quality, the song catalog to pull from and the social bits sprinkled atop
  • 14:30 One of the elements we have to take into consideration berfore adopting Zimbra is how likely it is that MS will buy YHOO (& then kill Z)
  • 15:06 @alexpoon rediscovering you. hope you're well!
  • 16:19 fantastic photo search engine (by color) at labs.ideeinc.com/multicolr/ only thing to make it better? enable it for cooliris display
  • 23:15 writing up the rules/logistics to a new format for masters play in the SCVDA Spring 2009 dart season. Change is good!
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