Tuesday, March 03, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:37 trying to teach my youngest to pronounce "count" properly. She keeps dropping the "o" (doh!). Please, honey, learn this quickly!
  • 09:14 glad I'm not flying anywhere today
  • 09:31 RT @stevecase: RT @danzarrella: New data on Twitter Application Usage from HubSpot - ginx.com/-dlIu
  • 09:39 women not allowed to run in the Boston marathon until 1972? hard to believe (yet true) ginx.com/-5uLN
  • 11:01 RT @SVSJbizjournal: S.F. Chronicle may charge for Web content ginx.com/-BVDDS [me: i can't imagine paying for sfgate content, sorry]
  • 12:10 RT @sarahkay: Adding "The Blue Sweater" to my long list of must-reads. thanks @TEDchris ginx.com/-LCHK
  • 15:36 good lessons learned article gleaned from two years of hosting online community Hacker News ginx.com/-HF8U
  • 15:49 RT @UCSDalumni: wishes Dr. Seuss a happy birthday!
  • 16:13 RT @jimmy_wales: @lessig on Kindle, please rt, worth reading. ginx.com/-FoZj
  • 16:56 RT @eqca: State Legislature Goes On Record to Oppose Prop. 8 ginx.com/-QM7Q
  • 17:54 RT @EllnMllr: Transparency is the new marketing. Good lessons from @cshirky ginx.com/-7WTn
  • 23:04 enjoying listening to the wind and rain. glad to be indoors doing so.
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