Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 07:57 the puppy is unusually well-behaved this morning. I wonder what he did...
  • 08:05 RT @Pistachio Salesforce/Twitter "While $20B of software is spent on call centers, customers are somewhere else," ginx.com/-iGLXx
  • 08:40 the last @boingboing blog post by guest @dangillmor has some good tunes (hope he'll come back for more posts soon) ginx.com/-EHFfU
  • 09:48 don't miss this great article by @lindare on marketing via Twitter ginx.com/-dIpAp
  • 10:01 hoping the injuries to @lancearmstrong aren't serious ginx.com/-s1GCD
  • 10:58 RT @mitchm see the video from right after Lance Armstrong's crash at Castilla y Leon: ginx.com/-JjLtf (via @johanbruyneel)
  • 11:13 Wonder why @TFFRatio requests your twitter login/pwd info... the calculation data it seeks is available without a login. just askin'
  • 11:22 yes, the world's cheapest car is coming soon, but the costs to gas and park the thing are going to skyrocket ginx.com/-xWGeF
  • 14:44 given the high-gloss production of all Salesforce.com live events, I'm shocked that their on-demand training's voice-over sucks so bad.
  • 16:56 hey! limited number of cheap tix available for 140 The Twitter Conference 2009 to be held May 26&27;in Mtn View, CA ginx.com/-5K9vn
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