Saturday, March 21, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 00:50 came in 2nd place at the dart tourney tonight. pleased with the outcome. we lost to the better team.
  • 08:44 Spring has sprung, and the flowers are beautiful!
  • 09:41 seeing/hearing folks misuse "bottoms-up" to describe "bottom-up" behavior just makes me want to drink all the more
  • 09:45 RT @cecysnyder: Women's projects raised more than $90,000 in honor of International Women's Day!
  • 11:10 who still thinks pop-under ads are effective? C'mon HuffPo, I mean, srsly
  • 13:31 my youngest's response to "where do you want to plant this flower?": "In a hole!" eesh, I'm in trouble.
  • 16:24 OSHA finds Exxon exposed workers to lethal hurricane hazards at refinery, fines XOM all of $5,000. That'll teach 'em
  • 16:35 Nice WSJ piece on history denied & then redelivered thanks to a lost tape found of the first NCAA women's slam dunk
  • 17:13 time to go home and get a run in before dinner. then it's back to bracketology!
  • 19:15 Enjoying the cool down from a great 4.5 mile run. Tomorrow we ride!
  • 22:29 great OT basketball games tonight. outcomes didn't help my bracket, but worth it to see the excitement
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