Thursday, March 19, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:39 our friend the fireman wore his uniform/gear to school today to talk to the kids about fire safety. The teachers swooned more than the kids.
  • 09:22 DO NOT follow the rough seas link. has %$#% spyware ad popup from hell. grrr
  • 09:40 RT @EthanZ: Congrats to Sunlight Foundation, Omidyar on major grant and partnership:
  • 12:06 who do you think would do the best cover of the "copyright song"?
  • 12:12 Another awesome post by @dangillmor. I hope he removes the "guest" from his "guest-blogger" status on @BoingBoing
  • 13:14 was just informed I'm "180 degrees out of phase with [his] availability"... evidently, I caught him in work mode.
  • 14:44 Blackbaud study shows most online donors don't return to donate again (bright side: lots of room for improvement!)
  • 16:33 I get to exercise again tomorrow for first time in 2 weeks! Gotta be careful not to overdo it on the post-op leg: doing a slow 5k run.
  • 16:52 AIG asked employees who received more than $100K to "step up" and return at least half the payments. so generous!
  • 19:55 Stewart Brand says "rethink green" – and preferably before things start getting weirder, faster.
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