Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:34 RT @cshirky @laureltouby "You're gonna miss us when we're gone!" isn't much of a business model.
  • 11:06 doc says recovery is going well, but can't start training again until 3/19. bummed
  • 14:04 RT @sarahkay: Reading about the Omidyar-Tufts microfinance fund performance. very exciting! ginx.com/-Zuvz
  • 16:22 thinking it really doesn't have to be as difficult as we're trying to make it.
  • 16:32 RT @katrinah "If u don't cause a ripple, do u exist?" Reading "6 recommendations to measure social media success" ginx.com/-fxpX
  • 18:47 At the March Silicon Valley #Triathlon Club mtg at Running Revolution in Campbell. Lots of door prizes. Hope I win
  • 20:55 won a free bike tune-up at the SVTC meeting. also talked at length with someone re: adventure racing (kayak, MTB, hill run). I'm intrigued!
  • 22:05 I love Flickr streams that show the user snow skiing one weekend and frolicking on the beach the next. what recession?
  • 22:42 @kevinrose if you're still needing it: settings>>wi-fi networks>> blue arrow of the network you want to blow away>>for ...
  • 22:45 interesting plot to tonight's episode of House: how would you handle someone who couldn't help but speak the blunt truth at all times?
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