Thursday, March 05, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 08:46 Relatively painless experience dropping the car off for service this morning. Fell in love with a dark grey M3 in the showroom, tho. sigh
  • 10:06 hooray, our new site launched! my fav part is the portfolio section featuring the great work of our investees
  • 10:29 RT @Mlsif: I think he's right: Y Benkler on why decline of newspapers ≠ the end of democracy or tough reporting
  • 11:24 caveat emptor: just because your food is certified organic doesn't mean it's safe for you (yes, more peanut fallout)
  • 12:18 Glad to see SL cops have a lead on guy who broke in & cleaned out apt of @dzabriskie while he was racing the #ATOC
  • 12:30 RT @jrushin: Politicians are so misguided... RT @thomashawk: California lawmaker targets Internet mapping sites
  • 12:46 I <3 this Death Cab for Cutie song, and now the video, too:
  • 13:29 RT @pierre: Omidyar Network has a new website (and logo!):
  • 14:09 @itchbay can only know where your food really comes from if you know (really know) the producer/supplier herself. Locavores are all over it
  • 17:19 happiness is a clean car
  • 17:44 Great to see the folks at The Extraordinairies find a way to capture idle time: use your cellphone to volunteer!
  • 21:31 @bmonsma the 1/2 went well. I did it in 2:10:16 which I'm pleased with considering the 3500' of elevation gain on the way to the turnaround!
  • 22:13 Watching the puppy pace the kitchen floor, passing gas with each lap. Hope he doesn't need to poop. Ah, the joys of dog ownership!
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