Monday, May 01, 2006

across the Big Meadow

across the Big Meadow
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Just got back from a fantastic three-day trip to Yosemite. So many good things happened (aside from the Sharks getting things done and polishing off the Predators in Round One):

- Made it back to Yosemite Valley to introduce the girls to the wonders of granite and tall falls
- Saw more snow stacked high on either side of the road than we expected on the way in (Hwy 120), even though it was pushing 70 degrees at 6000 feet.
- I think we made it through Yosemite Valley the last weekend before it floods. The rapids on the Merced were much bigger than expected.
- Had a good test of how well the girls will do on the long car ride from DC to the Outer Banks later this month.

Definitely need to get outdoors more with the family. We so enjoyed our hike/picnic at Mirro Lake. It's not like we're more than 15 minutes from good hikes here in Campbell.

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