Friday, May 12, 2006

the new rules of play

We're all facing this new environment together: small players and the big TimeWarner and NewsCorp leaders alike.

That said, here is advice from Diane Mermigas (Hollywood Reporter) on the new rules of play
  • the power of user generated content cannot be underestimated
  • understand and cater to the empowered consumer, new behavior
  • it's all about interactivity
  • experiment, take risks
  • collaborate, this is a time of strategi alliances
  • think outside the box (the TV set, set-top box, game console)
  • know and redefine your brands
  • be willing to blow up your old business models to invest in new ones
  • innovate to create new revenue streams and revitalize told ones
  • the technology allows for and demands new click-through metrics
  • reach out to grassroots creators
  • know your strengths and build on them; fill marketplace voids
  • the internet is the gateway to a new interactive spectrum, with special interest communities at one end and individual opportunities at the other. Study it, embrace it, mine it.
Good examples of innovation? Look at Brightcove, TiVo advertising, iPods and Slingbox, OpenTV and Visible World.

Public Broadcaster's To-Do List
  • Rethink your value proposition and business models
  • Understand the interactive technology-empowered consumer
  • Create short-term long-term initiatives using existing resources
  • Reassess and reassign value s to your content and services
  • Understand and utilize new forms of interactive sponsorship, advertising and transaction marketing-the lines have blurred
  • Know and leverage the power of your brands in a cluttered arena
  • Reviatalize relationships with grassroots organizations

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