Thursday, May 04, 2006

babble on, baby

Charlotte, my sixteen month-old daughter, is a very vocal child... all she needs is a vocabulary to add meaning to the stream of sounds that bursts forth without warning and lasts for 30 minutes at a stretch.

It's delightful to hear her carry on what must be vicious debates with herself, especially when she brings in the clenched-fist gestures to make her point better known. I can almost see the synapses in her brain fire as those vowels and fricatives and plosives tumble over her lips (yes, I'm a linguistics geek).

I was just informed that this morning, she's giving an impassioned speech in german. Must be all that glottal action.

Still waiting to find out what her first word will be. Depending how long the playoffs last for us, it could be "SHARKS!" Won't that be convenient when we go to the beach over Memorial Day?

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