Sunday, May 21, 2006

pest inspections and room for a car

We had the pest inspection on the new place Saturday morning. "All" that was found was dry termite infestation (recommended fix: fumigation. cost: $3,000) and a few of the upper deck's joists are rotted (recommended fix: replace deck. cost: $10,000). I had to call Heidi, our realtor, to get her to talk me off the ledge about the sudden $13k increase in the "price" of the home. And all this before the general home inspection on Monday morning. I think they'll find at least $5,000 worth of stuff to be fixed Monday. Yes, we put in an as-is offer on the home, but I'm none to pleased at all the $$ associated with fixing the place up.

Looking on the bright side, since I'll be living a little over a mile from work (I now live 30 miles from work), I'll be getting back 12 hours a week in reduced commute time. Plenty of time to do all the fixits.

Back to the Campbell home front: To help make room as we de-clutter our current home, Melanie and I rented a 5x10 unit at a nearby storage complex.

On Friday night, I made my first of 8 trips over to the space. In between sessions riding the elevator and creeping, fully loaded, down the creaky floors, we've cleared out all our boxes of books (unopened since our move from Virginia) and all the assorted other "stuff" that's taken up so much room here in Campbell.

Just a couple hours ago, I made the coup de grace: once again there's room to park a car in our (two-car) garage. Years ago, when we first purchased the place and then promptly went away on vacation, I parked my car in the garage. Looks like the last few nights we're here in Campbell I'll be able to park my car in the garage again. A fitting bookend, methinks.

Three nights 'til we leave on vacation. Two nights 'til the broker tour of our current home. One night 'til the general home inspection at the new place. Better get my sleep.

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