Wednesday, May 17, 2006

rule of thumb: the cost of moving

We suddenly find ourselves neck-deep in the home-buying process and one of the things we have to calculate is how much it'll cost to move all our stuff from one address to the other.

Thanks to the folks at Cor-O-Van, we have this nifty rule of thumb on calculating the costs:
  • A loose approximation would be to assume an hour for each room of furnishings, or each 1000 pounds of goods to be moved.
  • Add an hour for each flight of stairs and or elevator, at either end of the move.
  • Add additional men for extra heavy items like a piano or large appliances & over-sized furniture.
  • Do not forget to make allowance for the time to drive from one address to the other, then double the drive time as a truck can take much longer to make the trip.

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