Wednesday, May 17, 2006

thank you, may i have another?

We leave for a two-week vacation next Wednesday morning (7am flight out of San Jose).

Knowing we don't quite have enough to do already to prepare for getting ready to depart for that amount of time, we've spent the last 72 hours doing the following:
  • walking through a house we wanted to buy that we didn't even realize we were in the market for
  • hiring an agent to sell our existing home (while we're away on vacation)
  • getting pre-qualified on a loan
  • renting a storage space and reserving a rental truck
  • pulling $30k in earnest money deposit out our collective butt (aka thin air)
  • putting in an offer
  • getting a counter offer
  • countering the counter offer
  • sticking a "for sale" sign in our home's lawn
  • scheduling cleaners, painters, gardners, stagers, inspectors, notaries, broker's tours
  • beginning the de-cluttering process of our existing home
Oh, and all that eat-sleep-work stuff as normally scheduled. I can't believe we found the time to do all this so far (with so much to do before we board the plane). Were we really that lazy before this stretch of hyperactivity?

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