Thursday, April 03, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 09:01 today's four hour meeting was canceled, I can feel the forthcoming productivity boost already
  • 11:21 @ckreutz can you share your epiphany re: WYSIWYG editors not being necessary?
  • 11:55 @ckreutz agreed that function distracts from content, but I'm surprised at how much lack of function inhibits wiki adoption by newbies
  • 13:22 @lotd "I never married/never had those kids/I loved too many/now heaven's closed its gates" sunny road, emilana torrini
  • 13:31 watching coworkers use the microwave makes me think a lot of these folks are the "set the damn marshmallow on fire" type of s'mores makers
  • 16:28 our Urban Chickens fan page on Facebook just picked up its 100th fan. woot!
  • 21:30 kids are in bed, kitchen's clean, living room is tidy... time to play online poker and blog (multitasker I am)!
  • 23:29 time to call it a night. c u all tomorrow
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