Saturday, April 19, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 11:09 not sure I'm liking FB chat bar at the bottom of the page. will give it a chance, tho
  • 11:37 @dangillmore Open the context menu for twhirl's dock icon (on OSX) / sys tray icon (on Windows) and select the "Reset windows" command.
  • 13:14 just got back from eating Thai for lunch with a coworker who's glowing in her second trimester. excited for what's to come
  • 13:16 our blueberry bushes have arrived. going to plant this weekend and harvest berries june and july
  • 17:12 shutting down to go man the grill... it's backyard burgers tonight at our house. yum!
  • 17:56 I lied. NOW I'm shutting down to go grill (am hungry now, too!)
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