Thursday, April 24, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 10:27 @penelopetrunk don't be so sure they didn't know!
  • 10:48 @grundy topic for blog: how do you know you're ready to get away from your friendly game and enter the casino (or not)
  • 11:56 @grundy ask and ye shall receive, eh? looking forward to the post
  • 12:37 Standing back so as not to get hit by the re-spinning of success despite missing that desired double-digit victory in PA by thismuch
  • 14:00 joy of being a season tix holder at playoff time: just sold tix for 1 game I can't attend & it pays for a third of the whole regular season
  • 15:14 @davetaylor don't forget to relieve teh worriers with a "we don't use this info for anything but to send the message" disclaimer
  • 15:17 oh man, I just realized it's 62 days unitl my next triathlon. gotta jump back into the training program tout de suite
  • 17:21 @rodot live-tweet the whole thing, my friend!
  • 23:06 ok, gotta call it a night. tweet you tomorrow
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