Friday, February 06, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 00:52 searching for sleep. unsuccessfully, so far.
  • 07:04 great to see it rained last night (keep it coming!)
  • 09:57 consuming #TED by following the tweet tag and paying special attn to @helenwaters live-tweeting and @ethanz live-blogging
  • 10:21 watch the Courage Campaign's Fidelity video & sign their letter to the CA Supreme Court
  • 11:49 @ginx still getting the hang of the usability of the at/dm/rt/shortURL cycle-thru in the bar, but I really like the handy functionality!
  • 15:24 Fellow United Red Carpet Club members: renew by Feb 27 to lock in 2008 rates (they go up on 2/28/09)
  • 15:50 waiting to see what a certain someone's very first tweet is going to be (no pressure)
  • 15:55 Yes, you, too, can order up a "Praise the Lard" gift box (from Zingerman's of course)
  • 17:17 RT @dangillmor: Cowardly Kellogg drops Phelps over bong photo; I think I'll drop Kellogg from grocery lists.
  • 17:18 @ginx missing from (or not readily seen in) the RT function: a character count
  • 22:11 @ginx I like the color warning, as long as the box turns red when I'm over the limit, too.
  • 23:10 all packed and ready to cross-country ski this weekend in Yosemite!
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