Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 07:22 allergies or cold? stay tuned for the mid-day report
  • 10:40 for those singing "rain, rain go away come again some other day": just shut up and take it today. tomorrow might be dry for once.
  • 13:27 looking forward to being in the stands tonight as the Sharks beat the Oilers at the Shark Tank.
  • 15:48 can't believe I've been brought to my knees trying to install a mediawiki wiki on dreamhost. (no, not the one-click method) humbled again.
  • 15:51 luckily I can postpone my wiki troubles thanks to dreamhost being down (found @dhstatus for updates, tho)
  • 16:09 my fav Firefox keyboard shortcut? Ctrl+Shift+T: Opens the last closed tab (I'm a multi-tab fiend & tend to accidentally close the wrong tab)
  • 16:36 I think the live text updates at the website for #atoc would make for a great twitter-feed. all I'm sayin'
  • 23:05 what an awesome Sharks game! (too bad ATT coverage inside the Shark Tank sucks rocks or I'd tweet from the game itself)
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