Friday, February 13, 2009

tweets o' the day

  • 10:34 @LAK54 Happy Birthday! Thanks for everything you did to bring @lancearmstrong into our world! you must be so proud.
  • 10:49 RT @gapingvoid: So @WholeFoods, when are you going to start carrying @stormhoek wine? ;-)
  • 11:30 I do so appreciate good customer service when I get it. I just wish getting good cust svc wasn't such a remarkable event.
  • 11:51 Looking forward to finding a way to get our solar-powered house hooked into this Google smart-grid program
  • 12:15 @randyching great essay by @cshirky. His points about superdistribution speaks to me about why I like @ginx so much
  • 13:06 RT @jennlt1: Thanks for the heads up @MarketingTwins: Twitter jumped to #3 from #22 among social media services.
  • 13:18 RT @oseaomediagroup: Oseao Distributes Youssou N'Dour Project follow IHOPEN
  • 13:27 @sacca 24 hrs advanced notice of a middle seat is worse: you get all that time to dread the potential size/odor/yappiness of your row mates
  • 13:46 RT @lawrenceswiader: 49 Amazing Social Media, Web 2.0 And Internet Stats from The Future Buzz:
  • 14:48 says @rafe: "Ginx is better than for accessing your Twitter feeds" DM me for an access code
  • 16:01 nice howto preso on going viral with your app: Discovery Is The New Cocaine - Going Beyond ...
  • 17:16 RT @triswimcoach: Tri Swim Coach Giveaway 27 tips (actually 26):
  • 18:51 so glad the KQED winter pledge drive is over tonight. Good riddance
  • 19:26 Kicking off the spring season for SCVDA darts. Good to be back playing out of Fibbars in Synnyvale
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