Saturday, November 01, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 09:45 honoring our IT guru by having half the office dress like him for Halloween (read: wearing solid black outfit). tres chic
  • 09:49 some cool twitter holiday icons: >o< 8-# +-( see how:
  • 10:59 Just got wind of #magpie Trying to decide just how quickly I'll unfollow folks who rent out their tweets like this:
  • 11:15 another use case for good web-based translation services:
  • 11:35 as part of my halloween costume, I'm wearing a pair of my old buddy-holly-esque eyeglasses. I forgot they're an old Rx. fashion fail
  • 11:42 @kellieparker good idea to pop the lenses out, but my vision will be even worse. think I'll have to jettison the look to save on Advil today
  • 16:05 sitting through a Zimbra training. Girding myself for a productivity drop, hope it's momentary and I get better/faster after the switch
  • 17:22 gathering work to take home with me. Letter of recommendation to write tonight after the tricking and treating is through
  • 22:28 bite size butterfingers are my weakness. they can't be out of the house soon enough!
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