Wednesday, November 05, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 07:11 Today's the day! After you've voted, make sure you're part of the FB voter counter (and join this group too:
  • 07:15 @kaparkins hooray! you did it! (feel better soon)
  • 08:54 @dtennant spend the rest of your day making sure everyone else you know votes, too!
  • 09:52 great to see so many I Voted stickers on people of all sizes, ages and races here in SF today
  • 14:17 minding the company image? the "hero customers" on stage waiting to speak about workflow app sure don't look happy #dreamforce
  • 14:49 sez: if Obama wins VA and is a close race in IN, can conclude with almost literal 100% certainty Obama will win election
  • 15:47 Larry Brilliant: Corporations are beginning to understand philanthropy is not a 1-time project, it's got to be an ongoing effort #dreamforce
  • 15:50 L Brilliant: Google copied Salesforce's philanthropic model (1/1/1) for (see to steal it yourself) #dreamforce
  • 15:52 Brilliant: 9 times out of 10, having ideas, flexibility and entrepreneurship beats having money to solve problems #dreamforce
  • 16:03 recharging my iPhone so I can follow the Twitterstream tonight while I'm at the Sharks game with a good friend from the college years
  • 16:05 Larry Brilliant talking of megatrends and the case for pessimism and the case for optimism going forward. #dreamforce
  • 16:06 Brilliant shows pic of actual piece of paper documenting end of smallpox and of girl who had last case. it's over. we did it #dreamforce
  • 16:08 Brilliant hopes next year we open the paper and see headline "Polio eradicated" and year after that Guinea worm gone #dreamforce
  • 16:10 Brilliant calls out the Omidyar Network (among others) as example of new philanthropy that will change the world w biz approach #dreamforce
  • 16:11 Brilliant says new philanthropists want to solve things now while alive, not start a Fdn at end of life to carry on their name #dreamforce
  • 16:13 Brilliant says we have two elections we must make today: elect to be optimistic. elect to do service to your fellow man. do it #dreamforce
  • 16:15 standing ovation for Larry Brilliant at #dreamforce You can feel the optimism in the room no matter who wins the election tonight
  • 18:06 Even at this point of the vote, I feel like my generation finally showed up to vote and we're kicking off a new era in US elections. At last
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