Friday, November 07, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 08:30 Mercury News reports 49.8% of registered voters in SF County voted this year = lowest in Bay Area (55% in San Mateo Co.) thus went Prop 8?
  • 09:24 paying $2.89/gal for gas right now. Just 5 months ago I paid $4.89/gal. What a price drop!
  • 10:50 seeing lots of attention on goldendoodles as the potential First Puppy. Highly recommend the pick. Our doodle comes home with us on Nov 22!
  • 11:56 @themaclady on FB got a link to this post as possible explanation of why Prop 8 passed
  • 14:30 packing up my desk to move upstairs tomorrow first thing tomorrow morning. Same great job, new great perspective on the office layout!
  • 17:27 went to login to (where I've got a cash balance for past correct predictions) and am getting someone else's profile. doh
  • 17:38 My blog got its 50,000th page view earlier today. Happy to inhabit this niche and it pays for the chicken feed via the ads
  • 22:26 @rumford congrats on the progress! I went from 222 to 182 (I'm 6'2") so can appreciate the effort
  • 22:42 @rumford took me 10 months by training for triathlons and now I'm hooked and don't plan on chubbing up again
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