Friday, November 14, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 05:12 up early, waiting for the sun to rise in the Bay Area before heading out on a short run
  • 11:09 stealing myself for another customer support call to AT&T to try to straighten out the iPhone billing setup (again).
  • 11:09 heh. make that "steeling myself"
  • 13:07 my "let's have a late-lunch meeting" is running late. another 10 minutes, and I'll have to eat on my own.
  • 16:29 Am booked Sunday afternoon to be filmed as part of a short on urban chicken owners in the Bay Area. what fun!
  • 21:03 great watching the Sharks beat up on the Flames with 20 min of hockey to go
  • 22:03 a very satisfying 6-1 Sharks win tonight. We're back on track.
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