Saturday, November 15, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 07:22 none too pleased that the sync between my iPhone and Zimbra has wiped out all photos in the phone contacts. must find out how to restore
  • 07:30 @glennstrachan you and your aunt are in our hearts today
  • 11:21 @dcallejon nice to see you evangelize the Twitter!
  • 11:30 Disappointed we missed the playoffs this dart season. The team we needed to win didn't. Serves us right for not controlling our own destiny
  • 12:02 My Pilots have arrived. Off to get the new tires put on the car. I heart the grippy bits.
  • 14:48 the joys of listening to a mouth-breather re-configure cubes in the row across from me. Putting on headphones now.
  • 15:34 surprised (not really) that the NHL all-star balloting doesn't include any kind of FB app. And we wonder why there are so few fans
  • 17:21 new rubber on the car. Feels so good, but gotta remember these first miles are going to be a little bit slipperdy :)
  • 19:05 rating sushi with the fan at Suisha House. Yummy
  • 20:33 Now hear this:
  • 20:44 per, Costco sold 75 million bottles of wine in the fiscal year ended 8/31. (that's US$1.1B of wine)
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