Thursday, November 06, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 07:41 riding the packed Caltrain to SF. Folks look hungover but happy. Now the hard work begins
  • 14:56 back in the office after a couple days of inspiration at #dreamforce great to see so much joy at Obama's win. And much disgust at Prop 8 win
  • 15:46 The SF Tri at Treasure Island is just 2.5 days away. Tonight I do one short run and then it's all rest up until the race begins Sat morning
  • 17:28 rumor has it the puppy Barack promised to get his daughters for the White House is going to be a pitbull with lipstick ;^)
  • 23:40 inspired to see on TV people marching thru the streets in LA tonight against the passage of Prop 8. Has been going on for 3 hours already?
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