Sunday, November 02, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 10:26 the rescued cockatiel is going to a new permanent home today. Our eldest is sad, but we remind her our new puppy arrives in three weeks
  • 11:28 rocking out to the new KFOG Live from the Archives Vol 15 CD. just picked it up at Peet's in Redwood City.
  • 12:01 Thrilled at the rain, less thrilled at seeing one our downspouts is clogged. The honey-do list gets bigger.
  • 12:02 @krob krob = supermom
  • 12:14 Economist .com has a great 2.5 min video showing how electoral map changed from Jun-Nov plus commentary
  • 13:00 @gwachob let's do that tweetup, and you picked the perfect Peets
  • 13:13 the peanut butter in a Reese's cup means it's actually a healthy snack, right? (of course, I'll burn it off during my swim/run tomorrow)
  • 14:45 Can't believe Notre Dame just let Pitt score on 4th & 6 from the 10. Tie game with 2:22 to go. Can Irish pull victory from jaws of defeat?
  • 15:41 Notre Dame misses the field goal in 4OT. Now it's up to the defense to save the game.
  • 15:45 And Pitt beats Notre Dame in 4OT, 36-33. sigh
  • 16:00 HASTAC letter of recommendation submitted before the deadline. Hope the AccessAsia project wins the support.
  • 16:24 about to go spritz some gas on an open flame. details at 11
  • 17:59 It is a whole new world
  • 18:16 I'm now on an iPhone :)
  • 18:45 it's a weird feeling to have just bricked my blackberry, but change is good. now to remap my life to the iPhone...
  • 22:40 the migration to iPhone isn't without its wrinkles. seems the Apple Store folks set me up with two separate Family Talk plans, not one
  • 23:24 got my gear all ready by the door for an open water swim in the AM up at SF Aquatic Park and then a run to the Golden Gate Bridge and back
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