Tuesday, November 04, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 06:02 up early (thanks, time change!) and getting stuff done before heading to SF for #dreamforce
  • 10:36 exciting to see force.com sites and the integration of force.com and Facebook. The recruiting possibilities are huge
  • 11:57 got a glimpse of Neil Young's LincVolt project transforming old tech into new tech. power a house with a car? yup lincvolt.force.com/
  • 12:00 gotta say, not too thrilled that ATT data coverage inside Moscone center isn't that great. esp in keynote hall. keeps the live-tweeting down
  • 12:06 @scottmoore thanks for the warning. will make sure to look for coverage in all corners.
  • 12:17 Rem Hoffman: there are so many nonprofits using personal productivity tools (Excel, Word, et al) to run enterprise operations #dreamforce
  • 13:45 RT @acarvin Just heard that Barack Obama's grandmother died today.
  • 14:08 Experts predict as much as 25-33% of voters will vote early this year. Are you among them? join this FB group: tinyurl.com/6qh2bv
  • 14:21 every session at #dreamforce begins with a Safe Harbor statement. how 'bout them lawyers?
  • 14:32 Facebook now has 120MM users. Added 30MM new users since end of July. It took them 3 years to get their first 30MM. wow
  • 15:02 #dreamforce words to wise: people will blame the state of their data on whomever did the integration. Keep track of original data as proof
  • 16:14 thrilled to run into Jeremy, former AOL colleague, here at #dreamforce he's doing great stuff as member of the board over at Crucible now.
  • 16:22 @pistachio announced today at #dreamforce is the connection between salesforce.com and facebook to bring social graph into enterprise apps
  • 16:29 @pistachio nope am at #dreamforce in SF. spooky!
  • 16:48 hoping the rain stops before I have to drive over to Oakland tonight (it's for a worthy cause: Ray La Montagne concert at the Paramount) :)
  • 17:17 want Obama to win tomorrow? better read this and GOTV: tinyurl.com/6y22qu
  • 19:13 date night with my lovely wife. Dinner at MUA & then Ray la Montagne at Paramount Theater in Oakland
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