Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tweets o' the day

  • 09:34 taking the week off from work to get maximum puppy time, with a few end-of-race-season appointments sprinkled throughout. ahhhh
  • 12:54 good checkup with the doc: Pulse:43, BP:92/64, bmi:24. my gift? two shots (tdap and flu). If I could whinny, you'd know how healthy I was.
  • 13:51 getting ready to head out to the Bike Connection in Palo Alto to get my bike professionally fitted to me: no more equipment excuses :)
  • 17:51 great bike fitting session by Mike at Bike Connection. Dialed in on the bike, and got pointers on my own form, too. it's a much better feel
  • 01:23 finally done putting all the pieces of the book together. sent off for proof-reading. fingers crossed I nailed it.
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